Friday, May 14, 2010

3-Step Drop

3-step drops are normally high percentage pass plays. Routes are much quicker and much shorter than 5-step routes. It's critical for the QB to deliver the football at the proper moment because receivers are only open for a short time during the quickly developing patterns.

3-Step Drop:
  • Big step with lead foot, staying on a straight line.
  • Crossover step, as far as possible.
  • Big step, balancing weight as you land.
On the final step, quarterbacks shoulder be balanced (with a slight lean towards their target) and ready to deliver the football. Never take a shuffle step forward at the conclusion of the drop because it is crucial to get as far back from the line of scrimmage as possible. 3-step drops should ideally be 5 yards deep to prevent any collision with offensive lineman and provide room to step and throw. Quarterbacks should count in their heads as you take your drop - think 1-2-3-balance and throw. Think quick and make sure you get your depth.