Monday, January 28, 2008

Coaching Quarterbacks

By Todd Krueger

#1. Coaches never want to second-guess them or make them look bad in front of their teammates. if you do it makes very difficult for them to be the leader in the huddle. It is vital for the qb to have huddle leadership!

#2. Even in bad situations, find things the quarterback does right. Such as made a good throw bad made a bad read.

#3. Encourage your quarterback to take chances and to force throws in practice. This tests there ability to get the ball into tight spaces. If he does not do it in practice he will never know if he can make that throw in a game. It does not matter if he throws an interception in practice, this is how he finds out what he can get away with as far as forcing the ball into tight spaces.

#4. In terms of dealing with the press, take the blame for a bad game as much as you can. You can say such things as " We didn't help our qb out very much. I could have called a better game for him.

#5. If the quarterback senses a lack of confidence by the coach he will play the way he feels! All coaches must show confidence in their qb or he will know it.

#6. You can never do enough quarterback footwork and vision drills.

#7. Always stress speed in setting up on the pass drops and the release of the football. The longer he holds the ball the more the pass rush will come.

#8. Make the quarterbacks write down their 5 favorite pass plays. Don't be afraid to use those plays. If you get in a key situation and your qb is struggling, you can call one of his favorite passes?

#9. It is hard to teach the quarterback to throw the before the receiver is open! Again have your qb try to do this in practice.

#10. The quarterback must think like his coach. If you are calling the passes and the plays, he must think like you. You and your QB must spend time in meetings and in the film room talking about football game situations so he can get a feel of how you call the plays.

What you do in your meetings and what you do on the field all tie in with these 10 points.

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