Monday, April 28, 2008

QB Tips from The Quarterback Combine

  1. Be a leader
  2. Keep a nice punch.
  3. Keep the throwing elbow up a little.
  4. Keep your non-throwing elbow as a scope
  5. Be consistent and have no fear
  6. Quick feet and explode away from the center
  7. Be smooth, focused all the time, head steady, head looking down field
  8. Good attitude: your teammates and coaches will react to that
  9. Accuracy: practice, practice, practice
  10. Warm up: warm up gradually and do not rush
  11. Practice the art of a winning attitude and never ever give less

: Grit, the greatest quality of a true achiever is
not natural talent or acquired skill, but the person who has the raw will to keep
going when the “WAY” grows hard.

The TRUE ACHIEVER never gives up when difficulty comes.

: is the quality of inner persistence within

ATTITUDE: make a positive difference and pass it on. We can
not change our past, but a positive and honest attitude can
change our future. Attitude is what happens to me everyday
and how I react to it. You are in charge of your attitude and
respect within yourself.

QUARTERBACK: a raw TRUE LEADER in which persistence is a
way of life. A leader in which he installs persistence in all his
teammates and gains their confidence to lead. Whether in
victory or defeat, the teammates truly believes a battle
was won or lost with the right leader.

RESPECT: respect your coaches evaluations and learn how to
turn any negative into a positive.

WINNER: says: I’m good, but not as good as I ought to be
LOSER: says: I’m not as bad as a lot of other people

WINNER: listens
LOSER: just waits until his turn to talk

WINNER: changes a negative into a positive
LOSER: points the finger

WINNER: respects the superior athlete
LOSER: resents them

WINNER: lets the talent do the talking
LOSER: talks & makes excuses to cover up

WINNER: acknowledges his mistakes
LOSER: says, it wasn’t my fault

TRUST: acceptance of and belief in people/ teammates. Believe
what coaches say and their teachings. You must trust to
achieve. You must trust in your fellow athletes to accomplish
the ultimate task.

QUIT: never ever quit at anything. PERIOD!

DESIRE: The “W” in your heart is defined as “WANT”. You have
to put it there and keep it there at 100%level all the time. Heart is only what
you display on the practice field, game field and anytime you set foot on a grass
field to compete. Don’t ever loose this and always show it.

TRASH TALK: only shows weakness in any athlete.

The spirit and morale originate from the quarterback

Poise: quick and smooth...
Take charge in a position way...
stand tall...

Concentrate: know where all your players are
feel the rush...
make good decisions...
Overcome bad throws...
be confident...
work hard...
never give up!