Friday, May 14, 2010

Throwing to Both Sides of the Football Field

Throwing the football to both sides of the field is extremely difficult to do without proper footwork. Many quarterbacks have the tendency to open up their front/lead foot and front shoulder to quickly when throwing to the arm side of the field. This can cause the body to be too far out ahead of the arm and throwing motion causing the QB to sail the football and lose accuracy. Quarterbacks also have the tendency to stay too closed while throwing to the opposite side of the field (not stepping at the target), causing them to throw the football across their body.

Proper footwork the end of each drop (3, 5, or 7) is the key to preventing these two common errors from happening at. On the final step of the drop, the Quarterback should angle his foot and body towards the side of the field he's intending on throwing to. This will prevent the QB from having to take an additional gather step to re-direct the body. This also gives the QB the opportunity to deliver the football quicker if need be, since he's already in a "ready" position to throw.

Points to focus on:
  1. On the final "plant" step of the drop, angle the feet and body towards the side of the field you intend on throwing too.
  2. Do NOT open your shoulder to quickly, QB's should be able to look on a straight line over the front shoulder at the target receiver.
  3. The front/lead foot should be facing the side of the field you intend on throwing to.
  4. Do not lose momentum; keep a forward lean on the final step and keep the feet moving (“crushing pebbles”) until you are ready to throw.
  5. Do NOT throw across the body.