Friday, May 14, 2010

5-Step Drop

The 5-step passing game consists of much longer developing pass plays and deeper routes than the quick, 3-step game. The routes that accompany a 5-step drop are skinny/deep posts, comebacks, deep-outs, streaks, digs, curls, out-and-ups, etc.

For the 5-step drop, the quarterback will be adding an additional two-steps (one cross over and one big step) from the 3-step. On the final big step, the QB must plant with the back foot and shuffle forward slightly with a gather step to gain momentum and get a hair closer to the line of scrimmage. The QB needs to be at least 7-yards deep, no longer, no shorter. On most 5-step drops, there will be a wait because the receiver needs a little more time to get into the route. While waiting, the QB must keep the feet moving (as if "crushing pebbles"). This keeps the QB from becoming flat-footed which kills momentum and technique. It also gives the QB the ability to deliver a quality throw to both sides of the field because his feet will be in the proper ready position to step wherever needed (right or left). Avoid getting too close to the line of scrimmage. The lineman will be creating a pocket, which the QB should be delivering from.

Points to focus on:
  1. Proper depth of the 5-step drop (7-yards).
  2. Drop on a STRAIGHT line, do not drift to the right or left (end up in the arms of a DE).
  3. Stare down field or away from your receivers at all times. QBs should be able to recognize defensive back movements and coverages and use peripheral vision to see receivers.
  4. Big step - crossover - big step - crossover - big step - plant on final step and shuffle forwards.
  5. Shuffle forwards but still try to keep as much depth as possible.
  6. Keep the feet moving - "crushing pebbles".
  7. Deliver the football.